Product description

Mercaptoacetic acid, the chemical formula is C2H4O2S, the structural formula is HSCH2COOH. Mercaptoacetic acid, toxic, colorless transparent liquid, has a strong pungent smell, is a sulfur organic compounds. Miscible with water, soluble in ethanol, ether, soluble in common solvents. Sulfhydryl acetic acid is rapidly oxidized in the air. It burns with open fire and high heat energy and gives off hydrogen sulfide gas with high toxicity.

Mercaptoacetic acid is used to make epoxy resin, the catalyst of bisphenol A, is the main raw material of cold pressing essence and depilating agent of daily cosmetics, and can also be used in PVC water pipes, water pumps and other products processing, food packaging, equipment pipes of food processing plants. Mercaptoacetic acid is also a sensitive reagent for the determination of iron, molybdenum, lead and tin.


  1. Mercaptoacetic acid is an intermediate in the production of thiomethylproline (captopril), biotin, thiozinic acid, sodium disulfide succinate, etc. It is also an important raw material for the synthesis of cysteine, hormone chemicals, industrial disinfectants and sulfuric acid. Mercaptoacetic acid is used as an antioxidant and stabilizer in medicine to enhance the stability of main drug and prolong the period of validity of drug preparation.
  2. Mercaptoacetic acid ammonium salt and sodium salt are mainly used as hair curler, calcium salt can be used as hair remover, polymerization reaction initiator, accelerator and chain transfer agent, can be used for beauty, clinical surgery and animal experiments when hair remover.
  3. Mercaptoacetic acid is used as a catalyst for the production of epoxy resin and bisphenol A. It can also be used as the basic raw material for the synthesis of PVC transparent plastics and organic antimony and organotin thermal stabilizers.
  4. Mercaptoacetic acid is a sensitive reagent for the determination of iron, molybdenum, aluminum, tin, etc. In the petrochemical industry and the railway sector, used for equipment and track cleaning and derusting. It can be used as crystallization nucleating agent, coating agent, fiber modifier, blanket agent, stabilizer raw material for PVC and rubber, cold perm agent and pharmaceutical intermediate.
  5. Mercaptoacetic acid is used as a chromogenic agent for spectrophotometric determination of molybdenum, rhenium and iron, and as a masking agent.
  6. Mercaptoacetic acid is used as a metal surface treating agent. Adding very little mercaptoacetic acid can improve the cleaning effect of metal cleaning agent and impregnation liquid, and can inhibit the corrosion of the surface of the treated metal, so it is often used in the precision machining of metal rust inhibitor.
  7. Mercaptoacetic acid is used as a low-toxicity or non-toxic stabilizer for polyethylene oxide. Mercaptoacetic acid octanoic acid, tin methyl ester, octyl ester, 2-ethyl hexyl ester, methoxybutyl ester, ethoxyethyl ethyl ester and other esters have low toxicity and non-toxicity, approved by the food and drug administration of the United States, the above esters can be used as low toxicity non-toxic stabilizer. Can be used in PVC water pipes, water pumps and other products processing, food packaging, food processing plant equipment pipeline, can also be used in cosmetics factories and pharmaceutical factories, and this kind of stabilizer makes the product transparency and thermal stability have improved.
  8. Mercaptoacetic acid as corrosion inhibitor for petroleum exploration. Mercaptoacetic acid can be used as an excellent corrosion inhibitor for smelling the salt completion fluid. In order to protect the oil and gas layer and reduce the harm to the formation, the non-solid phase completion fluid of bromide should be used in the oil exploration and drilling of high-pressure Wells. The concentrated solution of these salts is highly corrosive and will be intensified with the increase of temperature. Only sulfur-containing compounds can be used as corrosion inhibitors to inhibit brine corrosion at high temperature. Mercaptoacetate reacts with metal at a certain temperature to form a dense protective film of FeS, which plays a role in corrosion inhibition.